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Founder Partnership for Advancement of New Americans, PANA

In 2014, with more than a decade of experience, Ramla founded the Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans--PANA. Led by the communities it serves, PANA raises refugee voices to increase their visibility and impact in the region. It works with national partners to provide support to communities directly affected by the Trump administration’s Muslim Ban, including nationals from Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. As Executive Director of PANA, Ramla Sahid has overseen the organization’s growth and prominence as it has skyrocketed in a few short years to become one of San Diego’s most important civic engagement and advocacy organizations. Ramla has received numerous awards for her work with PANA including the “2017 Women of the Year Award” by Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, “2017 Global Citizen Award” from the United Nations Association of USA, the “Muslim Community Champion Award” by the Islamic Center of San Diego, and was named the “2017 Voice of the Year “by the Voice of San Diego.

Find Ramla on Twitter at: @ramla_sahid